Eternal Party

Texas Keen’s road goes on forever

like eternal life in three-sixteen.

But after thirty years, one of them

drew blood and left me for dead.


Mighty wheels rock n’ roll on and on.

Thick dust and smoke, cloud the mind.

Farther across this hot barren land

Jesus and Robert Earl pressing on.


Story-tellers, they hope for the best

Mixing their tales with cheap wine

Casting internet pods to pigs in a sty

The prodigal staggers up to the bar.


Slowly a crowd comes up from Houston

to feel salvation’s eternal holy words.

Shiner and Jesus creating quite a buzz

As Robert Earl’s smile flows from the stage.


Sherry screams, “The party never ends!”

And Jesus climbs into her Mercedes Benz

With the crack of the single-shot 410

Full of the Holy Spirit, the road goes on forever.


Dayvid Graybill © 2019

It’s A Dead End…Turn Around!

Yesterday my friend Rich asked me a substantial question. Being one of the wisest men I know, Rich is full of questions. Deep questions. The kind that cause pause. The question yesterday was, “How do you stop evil?” Pause…..Deep pause.

This deep pause, connected to this question floated in and out of my consciousness for the past 12 hours. It drifted into my Psychology classroom and laid itself on the desks in front of my students, where it was picked up and tossed around with intense seriousness.

GUNS! My students immediately connected evil with guns! Evil people use guns indiscriminately. Almost 50% of my students live inside the Aurora city limits. One of my students was an EMT at the theater scene where the revised script featured mass murder! Not much different from a real script. And also not unlike a real script, my students’ thoughtful responses to stopping evil was to use GUNS!

It makes sense to me that an inanimate object cannot be the source of evil. Tools. They are tools. Tools are very neutral until used. GUNS. Guns are tools.

I wonder, if we want to stop evil we just might have to go to the source of the evil. Many sources? Many evils? There are some that have a simple answer for evil. SATAN! But since I happen to NOT believe in Satan, I’ll stop that argument cold. I have to believe in him for you to argue that one with me. And since I don’t, we’ll move on.

Could it be possible that evil comes from the same place that God dwells? Within us? Certainly within the “collective us” there is evil. Just as there is “good”(God) and beauty (Goddess) within us. And in the “collective us.”

BEAUTY! Life is beautiful for most of us. And often because we CHOOSE to see life BEAUTIFUL-LY! Evil lacks beauty. Love is beauty. Creative love is beauty.

If we disconnect GUNS from evil, can we also disconnect GUNS from stopping evil?

War is evil. There is no “just war” except in the minds of warriors.

So Nation A has a deep history of hatred toward Nation 465R. They have been fighting intermittently for over 1143 years. Our Nation, is not as fictitious as the fighting nations are. We ARE the United States of America! From the very conception of Nation 465R in 1946, the United States has strongly supported them. So last week, Nation A bombed Nation 465R bringing destruction to 3 major cities! The USA cannot stand back and watch! We just HAVE to get involved!

Our President begins to think about the last several wars we’ve fought. S/he thinks about the cost of those wars. All the war advisers are telling the President there is no time! We must attack Nation A NOW! But the cost of lives, the huge financial debt of the previous wars haunts the President.

Instead of gearing up for war, the President does something frighteningly unheard of! After tallying the financial cost of war (over a million trillion dollars) s/he calls a meeting with the leaders of the fighting nations. “Instead of entering into war, the USA will offer both of you half of the financial cost of us going to war, not in money, but in schools, technology, transportation infrastructure, and agriculture.”

Simple, I know. Would it work? I don’t know.

Does war work? No.

Would it stop evil? I don’t know. But the saving of lives alone would be worth the risk!



Wounded Crimson #4 (Photo by Dayvid Graybill (c) 2013)

What Might this Mean?

I remember a lot of years ago, when a person wanted a drink of water, they’d go inside and get a glass from the cupboard, hold it under the kitchen faucet and fill it. The glass was not very portable. You really didn’t even think about taking that water with you. The drink would happen right there in the kitchen.

I like trucks. Pickup trucks. A month ago, I bought a 2010 Tacoma. Love it!

One thing about this wonderful purchase is that it comes with 9…I said NINE drink holders! Now, I know someone out there is saying to their partner, “Did he just say nine?” And I’ll answer that right now. Yes, I said 9 drink holders inside my Toyota Tacoma Access Cab pickup truck. My Dad’s ’52 Buick had NO drink holders! And we didn’t need them. Because we never would have as much of a thought of taking a drink with us in the car. Okay, well maybe an occasional Coke in a bottle we’d throw on the floor after the last lingering drop.

So…how did we get from 0 to 9 in 50 years?

I remember when I was just a kid, getting a can of soda and having to punch a hole in the top with a “church key.” This opener had a sharp point that created a hole in the shape of a triangle in the top of the can. To drink from the can, you’d punch a big hole to drink out of and a tiny hole to allow for the intake of air into the can so the soda would not just “gulp” out. Later, soda cans came with pop-tops and a “church key” was no longer needed.

Along came the plastic cup holders that hung on the side of the car door on the window slot! Wow! We could now take our drink with us! Yeah, but don’t hit the brakes too hard! Or make any sudden turns, because bumping the cup holder with your arm will send you drink flying!

With the advent of the drive-through, car manufacturers began to see the need for integrated cup holders. In the 80s they began to be rather common in center consoles, and armrests. And then pullouts from the dash.

So, I guess the more the merrier! In 2010 Toyota has given a 4 passenger truck 9 drink holders.

Let’s see…which drink was I drinking? That one. No, that was from last Friday. It must be this one. Ugh! That was yesterday’s Starbucks! Oh crap! I just ran that REDLIGHT!


Roses for Tipton

Roses for Tipton


Tipton can’t find his way back home
After twenty-eight years on the run
Doesn’t want to end his life alone
He looks west toward the setting sun.

He didn’t shoot that man in Reno
Even though Johnny says he did
Made his way to Johnson’s Ranch
Up in the old mercury mine he hid.

Followed the mighty Rio Grande
Lived with outlaws on the Texas side
Driven wild by his own innocence
Heading home because his mother died.

The funeral was small, a brother and sister
They knew he was coming, he just had to go
North across Texas and New Mexico
To the little town of Kim in east Colorado.

Last prayer and sadness hanging on
On the hill silhouetted by the setting sun
Walking slowly toward her grave
Handed the county sheriff his empty gun.

2010 © Dayvid Graybill

In The Canyon


In the Canyon

Old gallows tall on the canyon floor

Red Tail soars high

Buzzard floats low

One waits for the body

The other waits for the soul

Cold wind wafts down the canyon wall

Purgatory River idles slowly past

No humanity to be found

And still they wait.


A far off whistle of a train

The hiss of steam and turning wheels

The Ghost Train slows to a stop

There are no tracks

The cars are empty

Only a bent old man steps down

Gallows’ noose sways above

“Hang her!” he shouts

“Hang her!” but there’s no one to hear

The words reverberate off the canyon walls

Then quietness settles in.

Out of a cave in the side of the rock

An old woman slowly walks

Holding a dove in her right hand

The train silently disappears

Bent Old Man begins to shake

The gallows begins to sing

Of death, and love, and peace,

And mercy, and compassion

The woman now beautiful and young

Smiles silently at his face

“Forget it,” she says

“Let it go, let it pass”

Bent Old Man sighed

And begins to laugh

With his legs he started to dance

Youth took hold of his body and mind

He forgot what he came for

Eyes wide open he began to see

His daughter, and brothers, and sisters

And mother and father all singing together

Down through the canyon blows

Warmth of love and peace and harmony too!

Red Tail soars high

Buzzard floats low

One waits for the body

And waits, and waits, and waits

The other waits for the soul.

2010 © Dayvid GraybillImage



She’s a beautiful spirit

desperate and reaching

Gliding over the landscapes she paints

Touching with darkness

the moon through her beauty

Her world suddenly bright

she cringes

draws back

The clouds come again

offering comfort

Her arms stretching wide

the world embraced

with her love and agony

The pain is ours

this pain we enjoy

this joy we endure

She’s a beautiful spirit

resting against my heart

dark with hope


© 2006 Dayvid Graybill

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“Out of death comes life”



“Out of death comes life”

Aubrey de Grey is one of my favorite TED Talks speakers. His thesis is that immortality is just around the corner. He says that our kids will probably live to be 150 years old and within that time someone will discover the science to end the aging process.

I wonder how humans will view the cycle of life and death in an age of immortality? I wonder if people will continue to be see time as linear, or will the cycles of the seasons dominate?

Think about the seasons and the birthing of life in the spring, and how the earth just bursts forth in beauty, after the long winter where death and dormancy reigns.

Contemplate where you have noticed the new birth of Spring.

Native Americans often felt intricately part of the natural cycle of life. Life and death are so dependent on each other in the realm of nature. Think about how snakes lose their skin each year. They are seen as symbolically dying and being reborn.

Our western culture has removed itself from its natural surroundings, often by ignoring death and rebirth. But within our own life-span, we experience cycles of death and rebirth. In my own life I see this happening through the patterns of my life, in relationships, or in geographical changes.

Think about the life-death experiences you’ve faced. Like a snake, how might you have become new in your own skin.

Are there any experiences of new birth in your own life?

May you be blessed with new birth, filling your world with love, harmony and peace.